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Easels company Talens Poland is the highest quality at an affordable price. Offered easel is made of impregnated wood in beech, pine and natural wood. Easels and other company products Talens already received the prestigious award twice now the emblem of Poland.

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Easels company Talens  it is the best
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Expert Professor Nowosielski

"Easel constructed of solid beech wood which have been prepared for this. Timber for all elements of the easel has been adequately and appropriately seasonal cut of tough, which is part of a strong and durable wood (in the tough cells woody and still growing). The method of crop is the radial (parallel to the axis of the stem), with cells of the same construction and the same growth on both sides, which guarantees an excellent material for production. All models are additionally impregnated easel - saturated with oil. Easel is suitable mounts and handles in the governing of the guides correctly, not making any problems in preparation for easel work. It is stable, functional, aesthetic, and hope to indicate a high durability. Thanks to such features on easels these can be painted not only on underpaintings canvas, but also of wood which is a huge advantage of these products, valued by professional artists painters, engineers, conservators and amateurs. Taking into account all the characteristics and parameters of the easel, evaluate them as a product specifically made fairly and professionally"

Head of Department

Technology Easel Painting

prof. Jerzy Nowosielski

ASP Warsaw

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